Tailorman strongly believes that clothes should always be made to fit irrespective of the size. This unique thinking has strengthened Tailorman’s brand value. This niche brand is now competing with other popular menswear brands which provide over priced yet ill fitting suits. Tailorman provides a wide variety of suits for different occasions. It provides its customer the luxury of bespoke service in the comfort of their home or office. Customers can also visit ‘Guide stores’ to try the garments and learn about the latest trends in menswear.


The main objective of this B2C project was to conceptualize, design, develop and manage this custom fit fashion e-commerce portal. This website had to strictly adhere to Web 2.0 best practices.

Our Role:

We ensured the online success of our clients by developing a robust, customer friendly website. Our team worked right from conceptualizing the idea till implementation of website. We integrated client’s existing ERP solution with this website which helped them in capturing a more detailed picture of their business. We also helped them in search engine optimization activities and social shopping activities like adding a like button for their Facebook page.

Client Benefits:
  • Increased international exposure to our clients
  • Helped in establishing good brand image
  • Increased over all sales of product
  • Increased client’s ability to deliver personalized services
  • Improved search rankings