Engineering Application for iPAD – Power Meter Analysis

Embitel developed an iPad app to provide a remote interface as well as an analytical Tool for a smart power meter. The smart power meter is capable of monitoring an industrial power line and capturing the real time voltage and current transients

This is a sophisticated engineering application for iPAD which is highly graphical and user friendly. It connects to the smart power meter through an ad-hoc WiFi network. The app is capable of taking full control of the smart power meter remotely.

There are four major functions:

1.       Plan a power study: 

This function allows user to remotely configure the smart power meter for different power analysis, with a easy to use wizard kind of interface.

2.       Communication with Meter:

User can establish a connection with meter and can view analysis of live data coming from the meter in different graphical representations. The iPAD app  also allows the user to control the meter device remotely using the “Remote control Interface” for the connected meter.

3.       Analyze Data & Make Reports:

As the name indicates this functionality allows the user to analyze the data previously downloaded from the meter and stored on the iPAD app. It also allows the user to view and download the files available within a smart meter.

Some of the analytics that the app is capable of performing are:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Total Power factor
  • Energy analysis
  • Peak demand
  • True power
  • Total Harmonic Distortion

User can generate custom reports and sharing the report files through email seamlessly through the application.

4.       Administration:

Configuration of iPAD app as well as the meter device by remote.

Our Contribution:
  1. Design of the iPAD application
  2. Impelementation of iPAD application
  3. Implementing communication protocol
  4. Testing