AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is an open and standardized automotive software architecture. AUTOSAR follows the layered architecture concept. Total software solution is divided as 3 layers, as know as Application software, Runtime Environment and Basic Software. Basic software constitutes of MCAL (Microcontroller abstraction Layer), ECAL (ECU abstraction Layer), Service layer and Complex driver layer.


The task involved implementation of AUTOSAR complaint microcontroller abstraction layer for Freescale power pc controller (MPC5554) and also to carry out automated test on the developed drivers.

Study Phase

To study relevant microcontroller abstraction layer AUTOSAR documents.

Design & Implementation

Designing and implementation was done according to AUTOSAR specifications. The modules where developed using code warrior (IDE), tested using lauterbach debugger and freescale demo board. The following modules were implemented.

Microcontroller Drivers: MCU and GPT Communication Drivers: CAN and LIN I/O Drivers: ICU, PWM, ADC and PORT


Test setup was designed for every module. Automated test was carried on each module. All the test cases of the module where executed in one flow with the results of each test case logged in predefined memory location. This data was later parsed using VC++ executable file to convert the result into readable output file.

Tools used for testing are as follows:

  • CAN Driver: CANoe 5.1 (Vector tool)
  • ADC & ICU Driver: Signal generator and regulated power supply
  • LIN Driver: HS+ interface (Samtec Tool)

IDE: CodeWarrior Debugger: Lauterbach Demo board: Freescale MPC5554 controller

Our Offerings:
  1. Design and implementation of AUTOSAR BSW modules
  2. Configuration and Generation tool support for AUTOSAR BSW modules
  3. Automation testing of the developed modules.
  4. Automation testing with ‘XML’ output file