LIDO Telecom

LIDO telecom operating under the portal , TLC is a platform for Telecom learners, trainers, instructors and educators to get together with the single mission of Building Telecom Knowledge. TLC with its multi dimensional offerings in Telecom Education such as eLearning, Virtual Labs, podcasts, workshops, books, etc., is a unique platform geared to serve every generation and variety of telecom learners worldwide.

  • To provide a comprehensive online shopping platform for the online users.
  • Reach bigger market through the portal.
  • Upload and download option on the site.
  • Being an training portal, must be informative & interactive
  • Make it an informative portal first and an e-commerce portal as an after shoot for users.
Our Solution:
  • A simple to use yet feature rich content management system.
  • Integrated with an e-Commerce portal with all the features like shopping cart, payment & security options.
  • Specific category and breadcrumb navigation.
  • Filter options for effective and quick search.
  • An interactive platform to subscribe for newsletters, upload-download features and view demo option.

The platform was deployed with all possible configurations indicated by the client to provide a comfort experience to the end-user. LIDO is able to generate successful enquiries and potential sales from the ecommerce site and learners from worldwide are able to enjoy its services which in-turn increased its market reach. It also helped TLC to leverage its brand equity by its offerings and thus expects us for extended partnership for other services as future scope.