Jarir Book Stores

Our client is one of the leading listed wholesale stationery trading companies in Saudi Arabia. Some of the activities of our client include trading in office and school supplies, children’s toys and educational aids, audio visual instruments, photography tools, and maintenance of computers and electronic items. Our client operates through two divisions namely retail and wholesale.


Our client’s business relied heavily on its Customer Service Coordinators (CSC) for processing orders placed by sales personnel, on behalf of B2B wholesale clients. Even after implementing an ERP environment, sales personnel did not have direct access to the system; CSCs acted as an intermediary. Multiple frequent interactions with CSCs by the sales personnel were required to process the order, placed against each of the B2B wholesale client. The client wanted to empower their sales team by allowing them to easily place orders for products on behalf of the B2B wholesale clients, increase the average order value, up-sell products, get real time update about the inventory, product information and price etc. through a web and mobile based application. This B2B ecommerce solution would allow them to become more self-sufficient. This business transformation was critical to eliminate manual intervention of CSCs, leading to rapid increase in operational efficiency and allowing sales personnel to focus on providing more value-added information to their clients.


  • Manual intervention and redundancy of work
  • Reduction in the number of items per order
  • Time consuming and cumbersome process
  • Lack of information about the products ordered by the client during the previous purchase
  • Lack of real time data to track the sales personnel’s performance
  • Lengthy lead time for the order to be created
  • Incorrect decisions made by sales executives, due to lack of data/information
Our Role & Solution:

Embitel proposed a web and mobile application which would provide single point sign-on and seamless access to the ERP data through a personalized, role-based and customized user interface. This approach drastically reduces the intervention required by CSCs for processing the orders and at the same time allows sales personnel to access the web and application directly. Key features of the proposed solution were:

  • Consultative B2B Ecommerce Solution Approach: Embitel proposed solution to overcome the business challenges with clear indication of the benefits for each approach.
  • Leveraging Existing Knowledge Assets: Embitel leveraged its deep domain and functional expertise in understanding the client’s business needs and further, optimized the execution time of the planning and design phases of the project.
  • Optimum Use of Proposed Solution: The solution was proposed keeping in mind the scalability, thereby avoiding additional development work, in case the existing client’s business operation expands to other regions too. The use of the ERP platform for web and mobile application also provided an easily upgradable and highly maintainable system.
Client Benefits:
  • Reduced operational costs by enabling sales personnel with accurate information.
  • Drastically lowered order placing turnaround time by eliminating intermediate manual interactions, resulting in greater B2B client satisfaction.
  • Improved productivity of sales personnel by enabling them to focus on their core activities.
  • Significant increase in the quantity of products’ purchased per order