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Mobile Backend Service Integration

Platform and Back-end Systems Integration:

Mobile Application integration with Ecommerce platforms such as hybris and Magento or other CRM, ERP and back-end systems is a key requirement for most of our clients. Our integration frameworks and methodologies ensure data extraction, transformation and transportation between various systems occurs with minimal delay while maintaining high data integrity and performance standards. We can work with API’s of various applications and data sources to pull in data and transform it for mobile application usage.

 Payment Gateway Integration:

The ability to offer multiple online payment options significantly impacts mobile commerce revenue and sales. Payment Gateway refers to an E-commerce service that authorizes payments for E-stores and online retailers. It is representative of a physical POS (Point-of-sale) terminal located in a retail outlet. Payment gateways encrypt sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information passes securely between the customer and the merchant.

Embitel Mobility has successfully integrated Payment gateway in multiple mobile apps:

  1.  Payment Gateway integration for iOS and Android platforms
  2. Integration of mobile app with leading payment solutions such as PayU, PayPal, Google Checkout etc.

Case Studies


Compuindia is a Dell Express Ship Affiliate owned and operated by GNG Electronics Pvt. Ltd., one of the largest affiliates of Dell India. Dell is India’s leading PC brand with a large share of their sales happening online. Compuindia aims at providing the widest range of products at competitive rates with a faster delivery. Embitel


A leading Indian versatile apparel brand which offers T-shirts, Polos, track pants, shorts, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets and much more. Proline clothing is especially designed to fill in the need of perfect sportswear attire in the Indian market. It caters extensively to locations throughout India as well as expanding overseas oper

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