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Mobile App Development

mobile-application-developmentWe have the expertise to build mobile applications that provide superior functionality and captivating user experiences. Our developers, designers and creative team join hands to ensure each mobile application is crafted to high standards of design and performance. We support all major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Mobile web including HTML 5. Each Mobile App requirement is carefully analyzed and recommendations that align to the customer needs are provided to ensure we come out with a successful and useful product.

Our Native Application Development and Cross Platform Development services utilize agile development processes to deliver mobile apps that are optimized for speed & performance and deliver immersive mobile experiences while reducing the time to market.



Native Application Development Services:

For performance critical mobile applications, we can design and develop Native apps specific to a particular mobile operating system (OS), like iOS, Android, Linux etc. These apps are designed to harness the functionality and capabilities of the underlying mobile platform and as a result are faster and more feature rich. User Experience (UX) is key to a successful product and we consider that as top priority while developing native applications.

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Services:

We have the capabilities to design and develop Cross Platform mobile applications that work across a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems. These apps are designed to offer a high quality user experience and functionality on multiple platforms and devices. Time to market and maintenance costs will be lower while the mobile app can be potentially accessed by a much larger user base as it is not limited to any single mobile operating system.



Embitel’s Cross-Platform mobile solutions using Xamarin (a Mono-based Framework) and QT based frameworks have the capability of producing high-quality, cross-platform solutions within a short timeframe.

Associated Mobile Application Development Services
Work Flow Management:

Our team will ensure workflow optimization for the mobile application processes. This helps streamline and manage all requests, approvals, tasks and reports for optimized productivity during the mobile application lifecycle.

Release Management:

Mobile operating systems and associated integrated platforms get updated frequently and it is critical to roll out updates at the right time so as to minimize downtime and ensure a high quality user experience at all times. We will ensure timely delivery of releases so that all critical features and functionality are incorporated within the mobile application at the earliest.

Mobile Application Security:

The mobile application and associated environments will be analyzed to ensure secure authentication, encryption, communication and storage protocols are implemented.

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