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Digital Marketing Services


  • Highly customized integrated digital marketing services
  • Optimize marketing spend to get the best marketing ROI
  • Result oriented digital marketing team
  • Monthly reports to monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns


Today, digital is the heart of any business – it is redefining the way how consumers interact, it is changing the way how the business operated. Over the period of years, clearly the consumers’ consumption of digital advertisements has been on a steady growth and hence, tapping digital channels to reach out to the consumers is on an all time high. On one hand the expectations of consumers have raised tremendously while on the other, it is becoming increasing complex for the organizations to reach to the target audience within their specified marketing budgets.

One of the biggest challenges that the present day marketing professionals face is the constant struggle to reach out to the right audience at the right time with the right product/service offerings. With consumers being accessible over multiple devices, be it laptops, tablets, computers or mobile devices, digital marketers are increasing finding it difficult to create effective online marketing strategies that are relevant to an ever dynamic and increasingly fragmented landscape of consumers’ journey around various digital touch points. Digital marketing managers should move from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ digital marketing approach to a highly customized and integrated digital marketing.

Our digital marketing services have helped several companies achieve enterprise agility and stay ahead of the competition, gain mind and market share through rich and compelling digital marketing strategies using superior digital media advertising delivery platforms. For the digital reach to be consistent throughout the customer’s journey, a strong and carefully planned integrated digital marketing strategy should be thought over and executed. With our expert digital marketing team, we focus on providing a completely integrated digital marketing approach that is required to create high impact and gain mindshare in the online space. We achieve this using digital marketing campaigns including search engine optimization (SEO) services, search engine marketing (including paid and banner advertisements), social media marketing, re-targeting, affiliate marketing and email and SMS.


„At Embitel Technologies, we are focused on leveraging…“analytics data from digital marketing efforts to further optimize the marketing spend to make sure our clients get the best ROI from their marketing budgets. Integrated digital marketing should be carefully planned as it helps drive sales, add revenues and further if done right will help improve profitability.Our service offering includes weekly and monthly analytics reports clearly mentioning the KPI metrics and the business impact due to the marketing activities carried out.

Embitel Technologies provides clients outsourced services for developing ecommerce strategies, social media optimization, search engine optimization and on behalf of the client, manages their digital marketing efforts. Through a robust engagement model, we provide the most advanced digital marketing services at reasonable costs.

Case Studies


Compuindia is a Dell Express Ship Affiliate owned and operated by GNG Electronics Pvt. Ltd., one of the largest affiliates of Dell India. Dell is India’s leading PC brand with a large share of their sales happening online. Compuindia aims at providing the widest range of products at competitive rates with a faster delivery. Embitel


A leading Indian versatile apparel brand which offers T-shirts, Polos, track pants, shorts, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets and much more. Proline clothing is especially designed to fill in the need of perfect sportswear attire in the Indian market. It caters extensively to locations throughout India as well as expanding overseas oper

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